Future of Newspaper Industry in India

Future of Newspaper Industry in India


Press is termed as one of the pillars of democracy is known for its authenticity and authority.  In the recent scenario print media industry is facing uphill task of maintaining growth and expansion in India. If the industry does not evolve and develop more lucrative digital offers, many titles will shrink and virtually close down.

In a conclave concluded recently in Gurugram on 18th & 19th September, 2019 organized by World Association of Newspapers and Co-sponsored by the Indian Newspaper Society, it is noticed that the transformation to a digital, mobile friendly and online platform oriented media environment will continue to happen.

During this two day conference, it was estimated that 2,00,000 Indians will goes online everyday for the first time as the mobile prices and data charges is much more affordable. More and more people are joining the online net across the country.

Increase in newsprint prices, the depreciating rupee and new custom duty on newsprint add more pressure for newspapers to survive.  Easy access to digital & mobile make it more tough a task to survive for print media. With audiences and advertisers embracing digital, it would be very difficult to sustain a business of selling newspapers for a few rupees – less than the cost of production and distribution.

Some Indian newspapers have already started investing aggressively in their digital operations, and a few titles have built very significant reach and audience engagement across their own website and apps as well as across various social channels

Advertising is the main source of revenue  which is stagnant, expected to grow just 1.5%  and overall advertising market is projected to grow by 13.9%.

A study reveals that in China,  from 2012 to 2016, as mobile internet access spread rapidly, print newspaper advertising declined by 75% in just four years, even as the economy (and the overall advertising market) continued to grow.

Industry observers suggest that Google and Facebook together account for an estimated 70%-80% of India’s digital advertising and newspaper sites are fighting for their space to fit in. The future of Print Media / Newspaper lies only in digital amalgamation with conventional medium.

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