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About Us

Horizon Advertising is a multi functional Advertising Agency with a lot of passion for Advertising & Design. From branding and design to digital, we provide innovative strategy, high end communication and design services in Print, Radio, Cinema & Digital platforms to enhance the brand value and meet business challenges.

We believe in building brands. We understand the market requirements and know how a brand can enhance their business. Our company have always believed in pushing limits and producing best results.

With the changing trends, businesses are facing tremendous competition and marketing has now emerged as one of the most imperative tools to vocalize the brand identity of the business.  Our strategy is very simple, identify the goal and target straight to the desired audience through targeted communication and keep the viewers/readers/listeners intact. We have created and crafted successful turnarounds for many business entities.

We are devoted to discovering more effective ways to communicate with our client’s target markets. This means constantly digging, probing, learning and experimenting with alternative solutions. We determine and execute the tasks it takes to promote our clients, their brands, their products, their events, and their people. We help our clients identify goals, and then we take responsibility for providing cross platform tactics to accomplish them. We work within budget constraints and we meet deadlines. Creativity is our hallmark and we deliver results. Our experience and capabilities enable us to advise and guide our clients to achieve success more efficiently than trial and error methods. In a nutshell Horizon Advertising is a comprehensive, full-service advertising agency based in Amritsar having deep experience in all media and aspects of Advertising.

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Keeping in pace with the changing world, we are constantly brushing up our skills and providing solutions inline with the modern technologies and trends